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      What is Art Jewelry?

       I am sure many of you are wondering what is Art Jewelry? Well, just a few definitions to wet your thoughts. Take a look at what Wikipedia says it is:

      Art jewelry

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      See also wearable art.

      Art jewelry is created with a variety of materials, not just precious metals and gems. In the late 19th century, RenĂ© Lalique revolutionized jewelry design through his emphasis on imagination and technical virtuosity over precious materials and the imitation of past styles. Additionally, he experimented with industrial techniques, plastic and glass.[1] Art jewelry should be compared to expressions of art in other media such as glass,woodplastics and clay. Art jewelry however has not yet created such a large following and is a relatively small niche, where jewelry is mostly bought by collectors and museums.


      The other definition of Art Jewelry is my definition:  Art Jewelry is created with a variety of materials from any source the artist deemed useable and emphasizes the creative use of the imagination and technical skills to create a three demensional object that can be worn  a number of ways.