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"I just love your jewelry. Especially the necklaces. They are unique and one of a kind. I really love Cowrie Ethnic and Ethnic Leather. Keep up the good work. Much success to you!"

Valisa J. Bakke  Flekkefjord, Norway

"I love your jewelry. Each piece is very unique and beautiful. I purchase your jewelry because it is very upscale & sophisticated. With The Summers' Signature Collection you can look elegant, vibrant and know that you are wearing a one of a kind piece.

Alison Vaughn/Detroit, Michigan Founder & CEO, Jackets for Jobs

"When I wear your jewelry I feel classy, sexy and one of a kind! Since you individualize your jewelry my pieces are never imitated and they fit me perfectly! "

Sheron Walker Southfield, Michigan

A Signature Experience for your Wardrobe.

Summers' Signature Designer, Rosemary Summers

About the Designer

From inception to delivery, The Summers' Signature Collection is founded on the idea that everyone is special and deserves to celebrate their uniqueness and individuality. Learn how this was instilled in designer, Rosemary Summers and why she shares her craft with the world. #grabsometissue

About the Designer