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      Rosemary Summer Statement Jewelry Blog

      Time to Build your One of a Kind Jewelry Collection!

      Time to Build your One of a Kind Jewelry Collection!

      The end of another year has come and just about to leave.  Where has all the time flown?  Just two minutes ago it was 2017 January and the new years resolutions were still wet from the drips of champagne and wet kisses.  Well, here we are again.  Have you taken the time to reflect on this years' events?  Did you reach the goals you set for 2017?  Did you loose the weight you wanted?  Just a few things to think about as the dawn of the new year approaches. 

      Think about your personal jewelry collection.  Is it really a "collection" or a drawer full of clinking, clanging pieces you purchased on a whelm and now regard as junk.  If these are your sentiments, it's time you consider stocking up on some original jewelry designs from the Summers Signature Collection LLC.  Here are a few examples to wet your appetite.


      Now, take a moment and walk through the website and make the decision to invest in one of a kind designs by yours truly!

      Wear the Fab!  Feel the Joy!

      Rose Summers/ CEO/designer

      Summers Signature Collection LLC

      We all want that One-of-a-Kind piece of jewelry and Rose Summers Delivers!!

      We all want that One-of-a-Kind piece of jewelry and Rose Summers Delivers!!

      Beautiful mature hard working women around the globe are always looking for that one of a kind piece to brighten their wardrobe.  Who has time to spend looking and looking for that perfect piece to set off that outfit you just spent your last dollar on.  This is where Art Jewelry Designer Rose Summers steps in.  Yes, I am here to take off the load, to increase the chances of getting that beautiful one of a kind piece and to deliver it straight to your door signed, sealed and delivered!  Take a few moments to shop my store and find yourself something unique, yes something One-of-a-kind! 

      Wear the Fab, Feel the Joy!

      Rose Summers

      It's time for those contemporary folk art earrings by rose summers

      Trying to break free from winter blahs and get into some color and texture this summer?  It's simple & fun! Try wearing these handmade earrings I painted to add a little funk and spice to your summer outfits. They are part of my contemporary folk art line of wearable art.Check out my website and get yourself a pair today.  Many colors and designs will be at my online store first week of June 2017.


      2016 Fall Designs by Rose Summers

      Ok, the trend of big and chunky is slowly leaving the scene and more subdued designs are hitting the market.  Black ribbon chokers, and leather necklaces seems to be the trend this fashion season.  However, there are fashionistas who crave the big and bold designs of Detroit Jewelry Artist Rose Summers.  Feast your eyes on these!