I Love Black & White Statement Jewelry

There is a sudden expectation of joy and fun when I think of Spring.  Flowers are blooming, green stems are pushing up through the soil and the rains bring beautiful green grass.  Such a hopeful season.  It is also the time when we contemplate our wardrobe and accessories and how we want to project ourselves to the world.  This Spring, I am in the mood for Black and White.  In fact many fashion magazines such as Women's Wear, InStyle, Vogue, Bazaar and Stylewatch just to name a few, are promoting the Spring colors for 2013 as Black & White.  With that said, Rose Summers will design earrings, brooches, necklaces, bracelets and cufflinks in Black & White.  I want to go a step further and show you how to wear these exquisite designs on dresses, scarves, jackets, purses, shoes, hats and if you can think of any where else to hang a bold brooch or an exquisite necklace, let me in on it, I want to know!  So, please stick with me as I create these lovely adornments for your wardrobe and visit my site often because if you like style, like I like style and if you love Black and White, like I love Black & White, I know you are going to love my Spring Collection of Black & White jewelry at rosesummers.com.

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